Elevate Your Mission: Secure Drone Video Streaming with CyttaCOMMS

With its advanced encryption technologies and compatibility with all drone brands, including those on the approved list for Florida and the Blue UAS list, CyttaCOMMS has become the go-to solution for agencies seeking to elevate their operational capabilities while ensuring the highest standards of security and reliability.

Experience the power of CyttaCOMMS firsthand and discover how it can transform your agency’s ability to safeguard lives and maintain public safety. Schedule your free demo today and take the first step towards a new era of law enforcement technology.

We Love our Customers, And They Love Us

“CyttaCOMMS has been a game-changer for our department. The secure video streaming capabilities have allowed us to gain a new perspective during critical incidents, enhancing our situational awareness and enabling us to make split-second decisions with confidence. The platform’s reliability and ease of use have made it an indispensable tool in our operations.”

Matt Gilbert

When it comes to secure drone video streaming, CyttaCOMMS is in a league of its own. The high-definition video quality and low latency have been instrumental in helping us navigate complex situations and gather crucial evidence. The platform’s compatibility with our existing drone fleet and its adherence to stringent security standards have made it a trusted partner in our mission to serve and protect our community.”

Tom Parker

Implementing CyttaCOMMS has revolutionized the way our agency conducts aerial surveillance and responds to emergencies. The platform’s advanced encryption and secure cloud storage have given us peace of mind, knowing that our video footage is protected from unauthorized access. CyttaCOMMS’ seamless integration with our incident command system has streamlined our operations and enhanced collaboration among our teams. It’s a testament to Cytta’s commitment to quality and trust in the law enforcement community.”

Nick Johnson


Navigating the Blue UAS Landscape: Choosing the Right Drones for Your Agency

As agencies navigate this new terrain and seek to replace their non-compliant drone fleets, it is crucial to understand the Blue UAS standards and select American-made drones that align with these requirements while meeting the unique operational needs of each department. This article aims to provide guidance on choosing the right drones for your agency, ensuring a seamless transition to Blue UAS compliant technology.

CyttaCOMMS/IGAN: A Comprehensive Solution for Seamless Drone Fleet Transitions

As drone technology continues to evolve and new models enter the market, organizations face the challenge of transitioning their drone fleets while maintaining operational efficiency. Cytta Corp., a leading provider of advanced technology solutions, has developed CyttaCOMMS/IGAN, a comprehensive system that simplifies the process of transitioning to new drone fleets.

The Ripple Effect: How Florida’s DJI Ban is Influencing Other States’ Drone Policies

Florida’s ban on DJI drones for government use has created a ripple effect, influencing other states to consider similar policies. As concerns about national security and data privacy continue to shape the conversation around drone regulations, it is likely that more states will follow suit in the coming months and years.